Toddlers – One year old Program

Excitement and energy are the best words to describe our young toddler program. A vast variety of gross motor activities are promoted at this stage. Crawling under the tunnel, walking feet around the classroom, dancing and singing in our circle time; climbing, riding, running, tossing, catching, and throwing on the playground, among other activities are the most important part of our “1 year old” schedule.


The Foundations for Success Toddler model is the curriculum we use in our “1 year old” program. It focuses on four foundational areas necessary for supporting toddler development: relationships, movement, language and senses / perceptions.

As one year olds begin to make sense of their environment, we start activities that promote kindness; and nurturing relationships which help them develop the ability to relate to other friends (socialized) in the classroom.

Teachers of “1 year old” classrooms include tons of movement so that your child can spend a great deal of his/her time trying out his/her new gross motor skills each day. All these movements will give your child the balance and coordination necessary to become a confident and independent toddler.

Teachers’ roles are to model language. Our teachers will promote developmental growth of communication, the formation of vocabulary and the increasing awareness of reading by: Speech development activities and toys, few different “one step” routine direction each day (listening comprehension) talking to your child about his/her experiences throughout the day (to expose your child to a great number of different words); having available a variety of book formats, genres and age appropriate complexity, a wide variety of books displayed to be easily seen and used; and the use of puppets and story props during teaching time. Print rich-environments (print used for organization, your child’s name posted; vocabulary words displayed) among other resources will allow your child to experience different ways to promote language.

Our teachers will promote sensory learning by different teaching strategies. First of all, teachers will allow your child to get messy. Our teachers will find a time and a place where they will encourage your child to explore something messy that fits with his/her current classroom lesson theme. Our teachers will also discuss with your child his/her experiences such as what he/she hears, sees, smells, tastes, feels and touches while experiencing our messy activities. Your child’s teachers will take advantage of our lunch and snack time to talk about textures of food and how they smell and taste. Teachers will help your child notice and make sense of basic concepts, such as body parts, shapes and colors, love, feelings, nursery rhymes, people, nature, animals and things that go.

Physical Health

We are a high quality early childhood development center ( preschool / childcare ) where physical health is one of the most important components of each day. Exercise, nutrition, auditory and visual development as well as muscle development are our priorities. Our comprehensive physical development and health programs offer great potential for enhancing the capacity of your child’s mind and body in order to achieve his/her highest potential.


Exciting loving displays, warm classroom design, organized spacious areas, cozy corners, child-sized tables and chairs, specialized furniture for learning, low dividers to establish boundaries between learning centers: social studies (dramatic play); exploration center (manipulative, math and science) arts, music and movement; reading center; emergent-writing center, describe our “1 year old” classroom environment.

Another quality of our one year old room is that each child is provided his/her own personal sleep mat/cot for nap time. Our classroom is also equipped with a separate changing and feeding area for your child’s health and well being.

Open and continuous communication is an extremely important practice for our teachers. Our goal is to provide you with a sense of security that your precious little one will be well cared for while you are away. We will provide you with a daily report giving detailed information regarding your child’s day, extra supplies that are needed as well as parenting tips that may be helpful at home. We will also suggest ideas of how you can reinforce at home, what your child has learned during his or her day at Ivy League. We promote our open door policy and invite you to visit at any time during your child’s day.

We invite you to talk with our Director and schedule a tour at one of the best preschool in Jacksonville and see the difference for yourself!

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