About Us

Our history and purpose


Ivy League Academy was established in 2003 with the purpose in mind of providing a professional early childhood learning environment that will include an enriched, clean and safe preschool learning environment for our children in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our first school was opened in Fleming Island Plantation, Florida in August 2004.

In order to continue our growth, Oakleaf Plantation area was selected to establish our second school.  In 2005 we acquired a property of 1.78 acres to develop Ivy League Academy at Oakleaf.  Construction began in late 2006 with the grand opening in February 2008.

Ivy League Fleming Island was under our operation until 2008, when we sold it for profit to our business partners and they continue its operation successfully.

In June 2010, we identified an opportunity to open a new school in the area of San Pablo and Beach Blvd; the building was acquired and renovated to make it a state of the art facility. Ivy League Academy at San Pablo had its grand opening in March 2011.

Ivy League Academy’s mission is to provide powerful programs that help children, families, staff and our community to develop their very best qualities.

We are committed to providing a high quality, educational, warm, safe and loving environment where your child will develop the love of learning.  Our community of families can be assured that Ivy League Academy provides a high quality educational program for children ages six weeks to twelve years old.  We look forward to successfully demonstrating our mission while making a difference in the lives of our families and community.

After eight years operating a high quality learning environment, we have become one of the first “GREEN PRESCHOOL Centers” in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas.  What exactly makes our preschool green? “Green” refers to ways in which we reduce our carbon footprint or the amount of carbon dioxide emissions we produce.  Our centers are schools that try to be as kind to the environment as possible. We have energy efficient classrooms, recycle materials for the majority of our art projects, and most importantly milestone of our GREEN PRESCHOOL is to incorporate eco-friendly lessons into our curriculum, include a community garden on our playgrounds and to use green products and pesticides for the safety of our children, staff and community.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that we are “cultivating a whole generation of leaders” who are going to lead “environmentally-conscious” lives. The focus of our school is to provide an atmosphere in which every child feels responsible for our environment. It is in this green environment where our students will learn self-confidence while becoming problem solvers and creative thinkers. It is our goal to make each child’s first school experience successful and joyful, so they enter kindergarten with the love of learning.  We will provide love, laughter, harmony, patience, honesty, trust, and friendship, which will constitute our students’ strong foundation on which to build a sound educational future; and among all, we will plant the seeds of our future “leaders”.


Our schools are conveniently located near main intersections and are easily accessible for drop off and pick up. Click for directions



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