Welcome to Ivy League Academy

Welcome to Ivy League Academy, a high quality preschool distinguished by our environments where each child’s abilities, competences, and natural aptitudes, are nurtured in ways that develop new and inherent talents.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide powerful programs that help children and families work together to develop their very best qualities: active minds, healthy bodies, happy hearts and environmental consciousness.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower each child to become creative, independent, responsible, and successful in all areas of development, enabling them to be successful in their educational pathway of learning.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the belief that we are “cultivating a whole generation of leaders” who are going to lead “environmentally-conscious” lives. The focus of our school is to provide an atmosphere in which every child develops active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts, feeling responsible for our environment.

It is at Ivy League Academy, in a green environment, where your child will be self-confidence while becoming problem solvers and creative thinkers. It is our goal to make your child’s first school experience successful and joyful, so your child goes to kindergarten with the love of learning.

We will provide your child with healthy habits and delicious food, love, laughter, harmony, patience, honesty, trust, friendship, and age appropriate educational activities, which will constitute your child’s strong foundation on which to build a sound educational future.

We look forward to a wonderful partnership with you and your child for the next several years to come.


The schools are conveniently located near main streets. We are easy to find. Click her for directions to our schools.